High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
What should be paid attention to in the design of magnetic pump?


Magnetic pump has been widely used in the transportation of all kinds of liquid chemicals. as a production enterprise, what kind of structure and configuration to produce magnetic pump products, different structural forms and configurations will bring different effects to customers.

The first aspect is the pump structure. As a magnetic pump product conveying chemical media, the main factors such as reliability, safety and service life of the pump should be considered first in the product design. These main factors are related to whether a pump can run for a long time without maintenance and less maintenance, as well as the consumption costs, spare parts costs and invisible environment and safety problems brought to users. Therefore, it is necessary to design and manufacture a magnetic pump, which can ensure the stability of the dimensions of various components under different temperature, pressure and bearing conditions, so as to achieve long-term fault-free operation of the pump, which is the idea and concept that a product designer should have. Should not be used to reduce product weight and product quality, to reduce product costs, low-cost, low-cost magnetic pumps, delivered to users.

The second aspect is the configuration of pump friction parts, as magnetic pump products, pump vulnerable parts are often rotating in the liquid friction parts, sliding bearings, thrust bearings, bushings. The wear resistance of these parts will directly affect the service life of the pump and the cost of replacing parts. No matter metal or plastic magnetic pump, sliding bearing, thrust bearing and shaft sleeve are made of silicon carbide with corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance. However, the bending strength of silicon carbide is only 451Mpa, the material is brittle and the impact resistance is poor. Therefore, when corrosive conditions permit, the bending strength of tungsten carbide with a bending strength of 1471 Mpa is more than three times higher than that of silicon carbide. Compared with silicon carbide

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