High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
Characteristics and advantages of magnetic pump


Compared with the centrifugal pump, the magnetic pump is a safer pump, because the magnetic pump is a completely closed pump, it does not use a mechanical seal, but uses an isolation sleeve to form a completely closed environment with the pump body. The pump shaft, impeller and inner magnetic rotor are completely enclosed in the pump body. In the completely sealed box, the conveying medium is on the outside of the pump body. The purpose of conveying the medium has been achieved by transferring the magnetic field to the internal magnetic rotor. Therefore, the magnetic pump does not have the existence of shaft seal, so the magnetic pump does not move the seal, it is a kind of static seal conveying machine, so it has no leakage and is more environmentally friendly.

It uses magnetic rotation, although the price is higher than the centrifugal pump, but there is no leakage, high safety, so the use effect is higher than the centrifugal pump. Now there are stainless steel magnetic pump, fluoroplastic magnetic pump and fluoroplastic magnetic pump on the market, so its corrosion resistance is superior to stainless steel magnetic pump, and it can transport any concentration of acid and alkali. More widely used.

Because the magnetic pump has the characteristics of fully closed and no leakage, it can achieve safety in production, ensure the personal safety of the staff, explosion-proof and virus-proof, and give the staff a guarantee of health. And the magnetic pump vibration is very small, high stability, noise pollution is small, environmental protection also pays more attention to noise pollution, so the magnetic pump has a place in the market, usually only a simple maintenance on it, greatly reduce the maintenance time, maintenance costs, reduce the economic losses caused by downtime.

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