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How to solve the idling problem of stainless steel magnetic pump?


The stainless steel magnetic pump is mainly used for the transportation of acid and alkali liquids with no shaft seal and no leakage, but it has a disadvantage that the magnetic pump cannot be idled, which is also a common fault of the horizontal pump. Once idling will burn out the shaft seal, then how to solve the problem caused by the idling of stainless steel magnetic pump? We need to know what causes the idling of the stainless steel magnetic pump.

1. Insufficient flow caused by air leakage and blockage of the equipment.

Causes: the insufficient flow of stainless steel magnetic pump is mainly caused by suction pipe leakage, bottom valve leakage, water inlet blockage, insufficient water intake attempt of bottom valve, low speed of magnetic pump, excessive wear of sealing ring or impeller, excessive suction height, etc.

Treatment method: check the suction pipe and bottom valve to block the air leakage source; clean up the mud or blockage at the inlet; increase the water entry depth of the bottom valve which is 1.5 times the diameter of the inlet pipe; check the power supply voltage, increase the speed of the magnetic pump, replace the sealing ring or impeller; reduce the installation position of the magnetic pump, or replace the high-lift pump. .

2. Start the operation of magnetic pump without full water.

The stainless steel magnetic pump starts the operation without being filled with water. before opening the magnetic pump, you must check whether the magnetic pump is filled with water, otherwise the magnetic pump will be idling without water and cause damage.

3. Debris card reduces the efficiency in the impeller.

If there are debris stuck in the impeller, it will cause the magnetic pump to produce vibration and noise, reduce the efficiency, reduce the flow and then cause the magnetic pump to idle and cause pump damage. Debris should be removed in time to keep the magnetic pump running smoothly.

Through the above operation, although can not keep your stainless steel magnetic pump will not idle, but as long as according to the magnetic pump use process careful inspection, idling this problem can be effectively avoided.


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