High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
Screw pump well received by Vietnamese customers.


At the beginning of the year, Vietnamese customers ordered a batch of stainless steel screw pumps from our company. It has been used for half a year, and recently sent us feedback that the pump has high efficiency, low noise .Hope to continue to cooperate with our company

The working principle of screw pump:
Screw pump is a kind of volume pump with unique structure, which is mainly composed of driving motor and reducer, connecting rod and connecting rod box, stator and rotor. When working, the rotor is driven by the motor, and the planet rotates in the stator, and the elastic bushings of the rotor and the stator form several sealed cavities which are not connected with each other. Due to the rotation of the rotor, the sealing cavity moves axially from the suction end to the discharge end, and the medium is continuously transported from the suction end to the discharge end in the cavity.

The use method and process of screw pump are as follows:

Open all suction and discharge valves before starting the pump.
1) when starting the pump for the first time or re-using the pump that has been sealed for a long time, you should inject the input liquid and turn the pump shaft several times with the help of auxiliary tools, so that the stator will not be damaged. The pump can not start without liquid, which will damage the stator.
2) start the motor for a moment, check the rotation direction of the pump, and confirm that it is consistent with the direction marked on the pump housing before starting operation.
3) after starting the pump, observe whether the readings of the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge meet the requirements, pay attention to the sound and vibration of the pump, and stop and check immediately if you find that it is abnormal.
4) during the initial start-up process, the initial leakage allowed by the packing seal (especially polytetrafluoroethylene) should be evenly adjusted during the 15 minutes of the initial start-up process. About 1ax 8 revolutions at a time, adjusted to the minimum amount of leakage. If the temperature of the stuffing box increases sharply and the leakage decreases sharply, you should loosen the nut immediately and repeat the above process.
5) when the pump is in normal operation, the flow rate is controlled by adjusting the rotational speed.


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