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A batch of Cast iron lining plastic magnetic pumps are sent to Bulgaria


A batch of Cast iron lining plastic magnetic pumps are sent to Bulgaria

In mid-August 2021, old Bulgarian customers sent an order to our company to buy back a batch of TMFCast iron lining plastic magnetic pumps.All the goods have been shipped by the end of August.

Characteristics of Fluoroplastic Magnetic pump

1. Non-leakage fluoroplastic magnetic pump is a new type of acid-resistant pump with low flow rate, low lift, full seal, no leakage, high efficiency and energy saving.

two。. The pump body, impeller, isolation sleeve and other over-current parts are made of metal inserts wrapped in fluoroplastic alloys (FEP, PTFE, ETFE, PVDF, fluorine alloy) by integral sintering and pressing.

3. Fluoroplastics (PTFE, FEP, PFA, PVDF) are excellent corrosion resistant materials (commonly known as plastic king), which are undamaged to any corrosive medium such as acid, alkali, oxidant and so on.

4. Magnet Tenglong selects high-grade NdFeB magnet, which has good magnetism, high temperature resistance and non-demagnetization.

5. Moving ring and sliding bearing are made of graphite, tetrafluorine and other materials with high wear resistance and temperature resistance, which can effectively ensure the service life of the pump.

6. The sealing adopts closed static seal, which completely solves the medium leakage.

7. No need for independent lubrication and cooling water, reducing energy consumption.

8. Direct connection rear pull design, horizontal installation, compact structure, small footprint, low vibration, low noise, especially smooth operation.

9. The external magnetic field is directly connected to the motor and the rotating shaft, and the direct connection design is adopted, which has the advantages of simple structure, no need for centering, high transmission efficiency, low noise, low vibration and so on.


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