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Installation standard and usage of magnetic pump. 
Magnetic pump is called magnetic drive pump, the basic principle of magnetic pump: when the motor drives the external magnetic rotor to rotate, the magnetic field uses the isolation sleeve to drive the internal magnetic rotor connected with the impeller to rotate synchronously to complete the non-contact synchronous transmission of pumping power. The dynamic seal structure which is very easy to leak is transformed into the static secret with zero leakage. 
Seal structure. 

Magnetic drives can be divided into synchronous or asynchronous designs. Most magnetic pumps choose synchronous design. The motor uses the external coupling and the external magnetic steel to be connected together, the impeller and the internal magnetic steel are connected together, and there is a fully sealed isolation sleeve between the magnetic steel and the inner magnetic steel, which separates the inner and outer magnetic steel completely, so that the inner magnetic steel is in the medium. the rotating shaft of the motor can directly drive the impeller to rotate synchronously by using the suction of the magnetic poles between the magnets.

Matters needing attention of magnetic pump. 

1. The magnetic pump should be installed horizontally, not erect, and the plastic pump body shall not bear the weight of the pipeline. for the occasion with special requirements for vertical installation, the motor must. 
Face up. 

2. When the suction surface is higher than the pump axis, open the suction pipe valve before starting. If the suction surface is lower than the pump axis, the pipe should be equipped with a bottom valve. 

3. Check the pump before using it. The motor blade should rotate flexibly without interference and abnormal sound, and the fasteners should be tightened. 

4. Check whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the steering mark of the magnetic pump. 

5. After the motor starts, slowly open the discharge valve, wait for the pump to enter the normal working state, and then adjust the discharge valve to the desired opening. 

6. Before the pump stops working, the discharge valve should be closed, and then the suction pipe door should be closed. 

The magnetic pump is mainly composed of pump housing, impeller, magnetic coupler, isolation sleeve, external magnetic cylinder, bracket, motor, base and so on. 

Pump shell: also known as pump cavity, it is the main body of the pump, plays a supporting and fixed role, and is an important part of liquid storage and transportation.


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