High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
UHB-ZK mine hydraulic slurry dewatering corrosive liquid pump


Start-up, operation and maintenance of chemical mortar pump. 

1. Pre-operation preparation. 

Before trial operation, you should first use the hand disk to move the coupling or shaft to check whether the steering is correct and whether the operation is flexible, such as under the disk. The moving ring or abnormal sound should be checked in time, first check by hand from the outside to check whether the coupling is horizontal by hand from the outside, check whether the position of the lubricating oil is near the center line of the oil mirror from the oil mirror hole on the bearing housing (too many should be put off, some should be added too small), while checking the change disc movement, if the problem still exists, it is necessary to remove the pump and check. (please refer to the structure diagram and disassembly procedure in this manual when disassembling the pump.) clean up the foreign body.

2. Driving steps. 

A, fill the pump with liquid. 
B. Open the import valve in time (if the entry and exit valve is an one-way check valve, manual operation is not required). 
C, turn on the power supply. 
D. Open Cukou valve. 

3. Run. 

If there is an abnormal sound or motor heating during operation, it should also be stopped and inspected. The inspection methods and procedures are the same. 

4. Stop step. 

A. Close the valve at the outlet first. 
B, cut off the power supply and close the valve at the entrance in time (if the imported valve is an one-way check valve, manual operation is not required). 

5. Maintenance. 

A, the lubricating oil in the bearing housing should be changed regularly and should be changed once every six months under normal circumstances. 
B, in the cold season, if there is icing after stopping the pump, you should first turn on the cooling water at the sealing place, if necessary, heat the water to thaw, and then use the hand disk to move the coupling until the operation is flexible, and then start in accordance with the start-up steps. 
C, for the pump with cooling water device, the truck money should be connected to the cooling water first. when the pump is in normal operation, it can continue to be connected, and it can also be stopped if the conditions do not permit. There is no requirement for the flow and pressure of cooling water. Tap water can be used. 
D, the operation of the pump when closing the outlet valve is called closed pressure operation state, the closed pressure running time of the full plastic pump or fluorine-lined plastic pump is reduced as short as possible, the normal temperature medium is limited to no more than 5 minutes, and the high temperature medium had better not exceed 2 minutes. 
E, the pump can not bear the weight of the import and export pipeline, the shorter the inlet pipeline, the better, the vertical distance from the pump outlet to the valve should be as short as possible. 
F, to ensure that there are no water marks on the motor to prevent the motor from getting wet.


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