High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
Acid and alkali resistant fluoroplastic magnetic drive circulating pump


Working principle and application method of fluoroplastic chemical pump. 

Special attention should be paid to the following aspects when using fluoroplastic chemical pumps: 

1. Fluoroplastic chemical pump can not change the steam and volatile liquid of condensable gas. Because this kind of gas enters the pump, it destroys the quality of the pump oil, reduces the sealing and lubrication function of the oil in the pump, and even causes the parts of the pump to rust by hand. Therefore, it is important to allow the gas to pass through the purification device before it can be fed into the pump. For example, water is absorbed by anhydrous calcium chloride, phosphorus pentachloride and sieve, machine steam is absorbed by paraffin and absorbed by activated carbon or silicon limb.
Other steam, etc. 

2. Fluoroplastic chemical pumps can not be used to pump corrosive gases. Oxygen chloride, ammonia dioxide gas, etc. Because this gas can quickly corrode part of the surface of the pump, so the leakage of the pump can not reach the required vacuum. In this case, the gas should be removed with an absorption bottle containing oxidized solid sodium before pumping.

3. Fluoroplastic chemical pump is driven by motor. Special attention should be paid to the voltage of the motor when in use. If the pump is driven by a three-phase motor, the first thing to pay special attention to is that the rotation direction of the three-phase motor is correct. Friction and metal collisions should not be separated during normal operation. The temperature of the motor should not exceed 50-60 ℃ during operation. 

4. A three-way piston should be installed before the air intake of the fluoroplastic chemical pump. When stopping pumping, the fluoroplastic chemical pump should be separated from the pumping system and communicated with the atmosphere, and then turn off the power supply. In this way, the vacuum of the system can be maintained and the backsuction of the pump oil can be avoided. 

Working principle and application mode of fluoroplastic chemical pump. 

Mode of use: 
1. Check whether the glass tee piston in front of the intake pipe and the copper tee piston of the experimental platform are open, and then plug in the power plug. 

2. When the pump is continuously connected to the atmosphere, the operating time shall not exceed 1 minute. 

3. Before stopping the operation of the oil pump, the pump should be connected to the atmosphere so as not to input the oil pump into the system. 

When there is a sudden power outage or power outage in the laboratory during the operation of the pump, the emptying piston of the exhaust cylinder should be opened quickly to prevent vacuum oil from being pressed into the pump and contaminated into the system and affect the normal operation of the pump.


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