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Adverse effects of idling of magnetic pump


The damage and cost of magnetic pump to air will be great. The idling of the magnetic pump causes damage to a number of components, a pump body, internal magnetic steel, external magnetic steel, static ring, impeller, isolation sleeve, pump shaft, thrust ring, sealing ring and so on. In the process of using the magnetic pump, idle speed is the cause of many failures, so the user must understand why the magnetic pump cannot be idled. Next, the editor of Tenglong briefly explains why the magnetic pump cannot be idled as follows:

1, the magnetic pump can not be idling, because the magnetic pump of the magnetic cylinder is composed of cooling medium, if the air will cause the magnetic cylinder lock.

2, magnetic pump rotor bearings are mostly made of cemented carbide, lubricated by the medium, the pump can not be lubricated.

3. After the pump is empty, there is no material cooling pump, so it is possible to burn the diaphragm directly.

4. The core components of the magnetic pump are external magnetic components and internal magnetic components. If idling, the core components will be degaussed at high temperatures and the performance of the magnetic pump will greatly reduce post-demagnetization.

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