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Guide for selection of sulfuric acid pumps


Sulfuric acid, colorless oil liquid, has strong corrosiveness, relative density 1.84g/cm3, at 337C can dissolve with water in any proportion and release a large amount of heat energy, making the water boil. Sulfuric acid is heated to 290 ℃ and begins to release sulfur trioxide. If sulfuric acid leaks in the process of transportation, it is a headache for many chemical enterprises. Therefore, the selection of corrosion-resistant and leak-proof fluid equipment is the key, comprehensive consideration, fluoroplastic magnetic pump is a good choice.

In terms of chemical properties, there is basically no difference in acidity between 98% sulfuric acid and pure sulfuric acid, and pure sulfuric acid still has strong acidity. Part of sulfur trioxide is released by decomposition at 290 ℃, and the boiling point is 338 °C, while the fuming sulfuric acid dissolving sulfur trioxide is a superacid system, which is more acidic than pure sulfuric acid.

Sulphuric acid pump chooses different pumps according to the density of sulfuric acid.

If the specific gravity is below 1.0~2.0kg/m3, fluorine-lined magnetic pump (TMF-S) is recommended.

2 when the specific gravity is below 1.3kg/m3, there is no need to increase the power of the motor power standard configuration.

(3) when the specific gravity is greater than 1.3kg/m3, the matching motor needs to calculate the actual shaft power of the pump.

(4) when selecting fluorine-lined magnetic pump, sulfuric acid can not contain a large number of particles, and the special pump developed and produced by the company can transport particles in about 5-8%.

5 dilute sulfuric acid can choose polymer and fluoroplastic centrifugal pump, and mechanical seal can choose hard wear material to prolong service life.

(6) under the negative pressure condition, the self-priming condition can be achieved by adding a siphon bucket (negative pressure tank). Specific treatment of specific working conditions, for example: hydrochloric acid pump, phosphoric acid pump, lye pump and so on. If you have any problems in type selection, please call 18130250095.


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