High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
ZCQ stainless steel magnetically driven self-priming pump


ZCQ series self-priming magnetic drive pumps use seals instead of dynamic seals, so that the over-current parts of the pump are completely sealed, which completely solves the disadvantages of running, dripping and leakage that can not be avoided by other pump mechanical seals. The materials of the pump body and over-current parts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel (304,316,316L), steel jade ceramics, tetrafluorographite and other materials. ZCQ self-priming pump has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, low noise, reliable operation and convenient use and maintenance. ZCQ not only has the function of self-priming, but also has the characteristics of magnetic drive structure, corrosion resistance and no leakage, so it is an ideal pump for automatic long-distance control and flow. The self-priming pump adopts the principle of magnetic transmission and external mixing structure. compared with the ordinary magnetic centrifugal pump, ZCQ does not need to be filled manually before each start. Widely used, especially for those installed above the liquid level, the self-priming magnetic pump is the first choice.

Installation and use: 

  • 1. Check the nameplate of the pump after opening the box, and see if the main parameters of the self-priming magnetic pump of the school team are in line with the requirements. 
  • 2. The self-priming magnetic pump should be installed horizontally, and the pump body shall not bear the weight of the pipeline. 
  • 3. The pump and pipeline should be well sealed. 
  • 4, pump should be checked before use, motor blade rotation should be flexible, non-stop and abnormal sound phenomenon, tight solid should be firm. 
  • 5. Unscrew the water bolt above the pump, add less than 2/3 of the pump volume, and tighten the bolt. 
  • 6, connect the power supply to try to turn, from the end of the motor, whether the operation is with the pump steering mark. 
  • 7. Before the pump stops working, first close the discharge valve, then turn off the power supply, and finally close the suction pipe valve.

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