High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
TMF- fluorine lined magnetically driven chemical pump


TMF- fluorine lined magnetically driven chemical pump

Analysis of common problems of TMF magnetic pump:
The main results are as follows:

  • 1. The problems caused by cavitation of the magnetic pump: the main causes of the pump are the large resistance of the pump inlet pipe, the more gas phase of the conveying medium, the insufficient filling pump, the insufficient energy head of the pump inlet and so on. Cavitation does great harm to the pump. When cavitation occurs, the pump vibrates violently and the balance is seriously damaged, which will lead to damage to the bearing, rotor or impeller of the pump. This is a common cause of magnetic pump failure.
  • 2. No medium or small mass of conveying medium: dry rub the rotor spindle and stable bearing and burn the bearing. The oil conveying medium of the magnetic pump provides lubrication and cooling to the sliding bearing. in the case of no opening inlet valve or outlet valve, the sliding bearing is damaged by high temperature due to no lubrication and cooling of the conveying medium.

Safety operating rules for magnetic pumps:
I. preparatory work before starting.

  • 1. Clean up the sundries around the equipment that affect the safety of the equipment and operators.
  • 2. Check whether the concentrated sulfuric acid in the sealing tank is at the normal working liquid level, and if it is insufficient, it should be added.
  • 3. Check that all valves on the sealed water pipe are turned on and off correctly.
  • 4. When the magnetic pump is turned on for the first time after long-term shutdown or maintenance, for the magnetic pump without coupling connection, for the magnetic pump with coupling connection, check whether the magnetic pump rotation is flexible or not, and install the fan cover and coupling shield after confirming that there is no problem.
  • 5. Open the inlet valve of the pump and close the outlet valve of the pump.
  • 6. Notify the electrician to make a plate and send electricity on the spot.
Ⅱ. Start.
  • 1. Start the pump and check the sound and vibration of the pump.
  • 2. Open the outlet valve of the pump if it is confirmed that there is no abnormality.
Ⅲ.Third, normal parking.
  • Close the outlet valve and stop the motor immediately, then close the inlet valve.
IV. Emergency parking.
  • Stop the motor immediately, and then close the outlet valve and inlet valve.


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