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TMF-Teflon magnetic drive pump


Material and introduction of Teflon Magnetic Drive pump

TMF fluoroplastic magnetic pump is mainly composed of shell, static ring, moving ring, impeller, spindle, shaft sleeve, isolation sleeve, strengthening sleeve, bracket, external magnetic, and other components. Its shell is made with HT200 lining F46-PP-PVDF-FEP-PTFE-ETFE. The static ring, spindle and shaft sleeve are made of SIC or SSIC material, the moving ring is filled with tetrafluorine, the impeller is made of inner lining F46 NdFeB material, the strong sleeve is made of inner lining F46 non-metal, and the external magnetic is made of HT200 and NdFeB material. Can transport medium lye special pump, hydrochloric acid special pump, nitric acid special pump, sulfuric acid special pump, hydrofluoric acid special pump, organic solvent transfer pump, sodium hypochlorite discharge pump.

TMF series adopts the grinding material of silicon carbide material, the shaft and sleeve will be subjected to the pressure of the medium during operation, and a liquid film is formed between them, which greatly prolongs the service life. TEFLOW PUMPS fluoroplastic magnetic pump models mainly include TMF third-generation fluorine-lined magnetic pump, CQB-FT upgraded improved model, CQB-F classic, CQB-FA long straight frame type, IMD rear pull heavy type.Fluoroplastic magnetic pump is a new type of pump which uses modern magnetic principle and permanent magnet transmission technology to realize contactless transmission of torque. Another important performance index of (permanent magnet) material is the surface state and its corrosion resistance. Through the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic force line passes through the isolation sleeve to drive the inner rotor and the impeller to rotate synchronously. 
The over-current parts are all made of fluoroplastics and fluoroplastic alloys, which can transport corrosive media such as acid, alkali, oxidizer and so on.


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