High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
TMF-G high temperature fluorine lined magnetic pump


The pump shell of TMF-G Teflon high temperature magnetic drive pump is made of F46 material lined with HT200, the spindle, static ring and shaft sleeve are made of SIC or SSIC material, the moving ring is made of tetrafluoro material, the impeller is made of polyperfluoroethylene propylene and neodymium iron boron, and the isolation sleeve assembly is made of polyperfluoroethylene ethylene and polyperfluoroethylene.

Propylene and PEEK material, external magnetic is made of NdFeB material with HT200 steel lining.

Suitable for transport media:

  • 1. Hydrochloric acid, (hydrochloric acid is the aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride (HCI), the state of hydrochloric acid is a colorless transparent liquid, has a strong pungent smell, has a high corrosiveness. ).
  • 2. Sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid is one of the most active binary inorganic strong acids, which can react with most metals. Among them, it has strong corrosiveness and oxidation, and is an important industrial raw material. ).
  • 3. Nitric acid, (nitric acid is a kind of strong acid with strong oxidation and corrosiveness, belongs to unitary inorganic strong acid, is one of the six inorganic strong acids, and is also an important chemical raw material. ).
  • 4.Formic acid, formic acid (formic acid, also known as formic acid, is the simplest carboxylic acid, colorless and pungent liquid. It is one of the organic chemical raw materials, which is widely used in pesticide, dyeing, medicine, rubber and other industries. ).
  • 5. Phosphoric acid, (phosphoric acid is a common inorganic acid, is a medium-strong acid. It can be obtained when phosphorus pentoxide is dissolved in hot water. Phosphoric acid is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, fertilizer and other industries. )

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