High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
IH stainless steel chemical centrifugal pump


IH stainless steel single-stage single-suction seawater salt water centrifugal pump

IH stainless steel chemical centrifugal pump using mechanical seal points for attention: 

  • 1. As the mechanical seal is generally suitable for use in clean, non-suspended particle media, the newly installed pipeline system and liquid storage tank should be washed carefully to prevent solid impurities from entering the end face of the mechanical seal and make the seal invalid. 
  • 2. In a medium that is easy to crystallize, frequent flushing should be paid to the use of mechanical seals. Clean the crystals on the mechanical seal before restarting after stopping. 
  • 3. Disassemble the mechanical seal carefully, do not knock with hand hammer, hammer, etc., so as not to destroy the moving ring, static ring seal and so on. 
  • 4. If there is dirt that can not be removed, try to remove the dirt, rinse thoroughly and then disassemble it, so as not to damage the sealing element. 
  • 5. Before installing the mechanical seal, all sealing elements should be checked for failure or damage, and if so, they should be repaired or replaced. 
  • 6. The relative friction sealing surface of the moving ring and the static ring should be strictly inspected, and any minor scratches, bruises and other defects are not allowed. All other parts, including pump body, impeller, sealing cavity, etc., should be washed before assembly, especially the moving ring and static ring should be cleaned with clean, soft cloth or cotton yarn, and then coated with a layer of clean grease or oil. 
  • 7. attention should be paid to eliminating deviation in assembly and tightening screws evenly to avoid deflection and seal failure. 
  • 8, correctly adjust the compression amount of the spring, after the pump is installed, when moving the rotor with a handboard, it should feel that the sealing spring not only has a certain amount of compression, but also can rotate flexibly without the feeling of bite. If it feels too tight or the disk does not move, it should be loosened properly. 
  • 9. For the mechanical seal with external flushing, the flushing fluid should be opened before starting, so that the sealing cavity is filled with sealing fluid. When stopping, stop the pump first, and then turn off the sealing washing fluid.


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