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Problems needing attention in long time Operation of Magnetic pump


1. Magnetic pump can not produce liquid. First of all, we should check whether there is air leakage in the suction line of the pump, check whether the air in the suction pipe is discharged, whether the volume of liquid poured into the magnetic pump is sufficient, and whether there is a blockage of debris in the suction pipe. It is also necessary to check whether the pump is reversed (especially after the motor has been changed or after the power supply line has been overhauled) and whether the suction height of the pump is too high.

It is worth noting that the magnetic pump repair several times can not check the problem, should pay attention to whether the magnetic coupling is normal or not. Bearings, internal magnetic rotors and spacers all generate heat in operation, which will increase the working temperature, on the one hand, reduce the transmitted power, on the other hand, it will cause great trouble to the magnetic pump which can transport vaporized liquid.

Fluorine plastic magnetic pump

Fluorine plastic magnetic pump.

2. The bearing of the magnetic pump is damaged. If the pump is cut off or there are impurities in the pump, it will cause bearing damage. If the coaxiality of internal and external magnetic field can not be guaranteed, it will directly affect the life of the bearing.

3. The shaft of the magnetic pump is broken. The main reason for the broken shaft of the pump is that the shaft is broken due to the dry grinding of the bearings due to the pump being rotated by air. The main way to prevent pump breakage is to avoid the empty operation of the pump when you can see that the bearings have worn down seriously when you open the pump for inspection.

4. Insufficient flow. The main reasons for insufficient flow rate are: impeller damage, insufficient rotational speed, too high lift, sundries plugging in pipe, and so on.

5. Insufficient lift. The reasons for this fault are: there is air in the conveying medium, impeller is damaged, the rotating speed is not enough, the specific gravity of conveying liquid is too large, and the flow rate is too large.

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