High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
Installation of stainless steel magnetic pumps


Generally speaking, the installation requirements of stainless steel magnetic pump are basically the same as fluorine plastic centrifugal pump and stainless steel centrifugal pump. Although the magnetic pump is achieved by coupling torque non-contact transmission, the basic requirements are not high, but the installation of stainless steel magnetic pump has an important impact on the pump operating box life, many customers do not pay attention to this point. Installation corrections must be carried out carefully and should not be carried out in a hasty manner.

CQB stainless steel magnetic pump.

CQB stainless steel magnetic pump

The oil stains on the base of the stainless steel magnetic pump must be cleaned before installation, and the base should be placed smoothly on the foundation. If there is a level instrument can be used to measure the level, the imbalance with wedge pad leveling, and then installed with anchor bolts, check the level again. If the level is not adjusted, the magnetic pump operation may produce shaft channeling, vibration, noise and other phenomena.

Installation drawing of stainless steel magnetic pump parts.

stainless steel magnetic pump parts

The installation height of the pump, the length of the pipeline, the number of elbows and the flow rate of the head should be calculated accurately in order to avoid losses. The middle road weight of the long distance transportation forbidden pipeline shall be borne by the pump group. Install check valve in outlet line. Check valve device is behind gate valve.

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