High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
Chemical centrifugal slurry pump for corrosion resistant industry


Application range of UHB-ZK corrosion-resistant and Wear-resistant Desulfurization pump.
UHB-ZK corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant mortar pump is a single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal pump with steel lined ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) (UHMWPE). This material is a new generation of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant engineering plastics for pumps at present. Its outstanding advantage is that it has good wear resistance, impact resistance (especially low temperature impact resistance), creep resistance (environmental stress cracking resistance) and excellent corrosion resistance in all plastics. The load-bearing part of the pump is made of metal, which can be equipped with fluorine rubber negative pressure sealing ring, plus water cooling device, and can also be equipped with mechanical seal.

Scope of use.

  • Sulphuric acid and phosphate fertilizer industry: transportation of dilute acid, mother liquor, sewage, seawater, phosphoric acid slurry and other media.
  • Non-ferrous metal smelting industry: it is especially suitable for conveying all kinds of acids, corrosive pulp, corrosive slurry (filter press) electrolyte, sewage and other media in wet smelting, such as lead, gold, copper, cobalt, rare earth and so on.
  • Chemical industry and other enterprises: all kinds of phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, alkaline. Oily liquid and slurry.

Maintenance and maintenance of UHB-ZK mortar pump.
  • The pump in the middle part of the pump shell, such as the pump above the imported 150mm, the sealing plastic in the middle side, due to some changes in the size of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, the connecting bolts in the middle part should be tightened first during installation, and then connected to the inlet pipeline to prevent the leakage of the middle side.
  • the pump can not bear the weight of the import and export pipeline, the shorter the inlet pipeline, the better, the vertical height of the pump outlet to the valve should be as short as possible.
  • Keep no water marks on the motor to prevent the motor from getting wet.


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