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ZFT-fluorine plastic Self-priming Magnetic pump

Fluorine plastic magnetic pump is also known as fluorine plastic magnetic centrifugal pump, tetrafluorine, fluorine plastic magnetic drive pump, magnetic pump corrosion resistance magnetic chemical pump. ZFT fluorine plastic self-priming magnetic pump combines the excellent characteristics of magnetic pump, can self-priming, using magnetic drive, no leakage phenomenon.
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    H2SO4 / HCL / HNO3 / NaOH / HF / CH3COOH
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ZFT fluoroplastic self-priming magnetic pump

ZFT series self-priming magnetic pump combines all the excellent characteristics of magnetic pump, the biggest advantage is self-priming type. The general self-priming height can reach 2 ≤ 4 meters. Filling combines all the advantages of self-priming pump and magnetic pump, and has self-priming function. The shaft seal is removed and the leakage is completely eliminated by magnetic coupling indirect transmission. 
Anhui Tenglong pump valve fluorine plastic magnetic pump main parameters: 
Suitable medium: transportation of acid, alkali and organic solvents at-20 ≤ 90 ℃. 

  • Flow: 3.6m³/ h-60m³/ h. 
  • Head: 20m-40m. 
  • Power: 1.5kw-18.5kw. 
Our company can according to the actual working conditions, choose different configurations, to provide accurate solutions. For technical advice, please call the Service Hotline: + 86 (0086) 18130250095/E-mail:tlpumps@tlpumps.com




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