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SS304 Pharmaceutical Industry Alkali resistant Chemical Magnetic pump


Matters needing attention in type selection of stainless steel pump.

Factors that should be paid attention to when using stainless steel chemical pump:
The main contents are as follows: 1. According to many factors, such as equipment layout, topographic conditions, water level conditions, operating conditions, economic scheme comparison and so on.

2. Consider selecting horizontal type, vertical type, right angle type, variable angle type, flat angle type, diving type, tilting type, non-blocking type, self-priming type, gear type, oil-filled type and irrigation type.

The horizontal pump is easy to disassemble and assemble and easy to manage, but it has large volume and good price.

Vertical pump, in many cases, the impeller invades the water, can be started at any time, easy to automatic or remote control, and the installation area is small, the price is beautiful.

3. According to the nature of the liquid medium, determine the clean water pump, hot water pump oil pump, chemical pump or anti-corrosion pump or impurity pump or non-blocking pump.

Installed in the explosion area or the pump should use explosion-proof motor according to the level of the explosion zone.

4. The amount of vibration is divided into pneumatic and electric (220V voltage and 380V voltage).

5, according to the flow rate of stainless steel chemical pump, choose single pump or double pump: according to lift, choose single pump or multi-pump, high-speed pump or low-speed pump (air-conditioning pump), multi-stage pump efficiency than single-stage pump, single-stage pump and multi-stage pump, single-stage pump should be selected.

6. Determine the specific pump model, and according to the maximum flow rate, enlarge the two main performance parameters after 5% Murray 10%, and determine the specific pump type in the type diagram or series characteristic curve.

7. After determining the pump type, the pump similar to the physical and chemical medium or the water in the conveying medium needs to be re-checked according to the pump type performance table or performance curve. Has it been determined whether the normal working point is in the pump priority working area? Whether the valid NPSH is greater than (MPSH). It can also be reversed to correct the geometric installation height with MPSH?

8. For the liquid pump whose transport viscosity is greater than 20mm2/s, the characteristic curve of the experimental pump must be transformed into the performance curve of viscosity, especially the absorption performance must be calculated or compared.

9. Determine the number and standby rate of the pump:

For the normal operation of the pump, there is usually only one, because of the parallel operation of a large pump and two small pumps (the same head and the same flow rate), the efficiency of the large pump is higher than that of the small pump, so from the point of view of energy saving, it is two small pumps. however, the parallel cooperation of two pumps can be considered in the following cases:

The flow is so large that one pump can't reach it.

For large pumps that require 50% reserve, two smaller pumps and two additional pumps (three cycles) can be replaced.

For some large pumps, the parallel operation of the pump with 70% flow requirement can be selected, and there is no backup pump. One pump is overhauled, and the other pump is still responsible for 70% of the transportation in production.

For 24-hour continuous operation of stainless steel chemical pump, should be spare three sets, one operation, one spare, one maintenance.


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