High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer

IHF-L fluorine plastic centrifugal pump

IHF-L fluoroplastics centrifugal pump, according to international standards, overcurrent components are all fluorine plastics, load-bearing parts are metal materials, equipped with external bellows mechanical seals, grinding materials are alumina, silicon carbide, fluoroplastics, cemented carbide, It can be selected according to different working conditions.
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    Anhui Tenglong pump valve manufacturing co., Ltd
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    H2SO4 / HCL / HNO3 / NaOH / HF / CH3COOH
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IHF-L fluoroplastic centrifugal pump, widely used in automotive acid cleaning, painting process, non-ferrous metal smelting electrolyte transport, chlorine fly, wastewater treatment.The products are made according to CE,ISO9001 standard and can be customized to ANSI flange standard.

Anhui Tenglong pump and valve fluorine plastic centrifugal pump main parameters:

  • Flow: 1.8m³/h-400m³/h(1800L/h-400000L/h)
  • Head:  5m-80m(0.5bar-8bar)
  • Power:  1.5kw-110kw(2HP-145HP)
  • Applicable medium:  Acids, bases, salts, strong oxidants of any concentration.
  • Characteristics:  luorine-lined pump housing with long life, compact structure, two-stage and four-stage motors for selection.

Our company can according to actual working condition, choose different configuration, provide an accurate solution. Technical consulting, please dial the service hotline: +86(0086)18130250095     E-mail: [email protected]

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