High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
Fluoroplastic alloy centrifugal pumps to Florida, Mexico and Thailand


FSB-D and FZB self priming fluoroplastic alloy centrifugal pumps are sent to pumps in Florida, Mexico and Thailand. Customers who buy pumps from me will get medical masks free of charge and work together to resist COVID-19.

FSB-D fluoroplastic centrifugal pump is also known as full-plastic centrifugal pump, because its shell is made of fluoroplastic, FEP material is our company's standard configuration, FEP is fluoroplastic (F46) in most acids and bases, FSB-D fluoroplastic alloy centrifugal pump shell lined with metal inserts, made of fluoroplastic and fluorine alloy. The utility model has the advantages of good appearance, smooth runner, compact structure and easy disassembly and assembly. The mechanical seal adopts WB2, which is made of silicon carbide, high purity alumina ceramics, filled tetrafluorine, graphite and other materials. Full elasticity and better performance. FSB and FSB- D centrifugal pumps, the two types of pump housing, impellers, mechanical seals are interchangeable, welcomed by pesticides, electronics, papermaking and other industries.

Features: de-plastic shell, long unpacking life, short support floor design, equipment is easier to disassemble and assemble, according to different working conditions, choose different configurations. Reliable and stable, four cores (1, choose the best bearing, 2, all-plastic manufacturing is more portable, 3, temperature resistance up to 150 ℃, 4, V-groove seal is more reliable)


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