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Advantages of Fluoroplastic Magnetic pump


With the rapid development of industry, the problem of environmental pollution can not be ignored. Developed countries have long been aware of the damage to the environment and accidents caused by the neglect of leakage during the rapid development of the chemical industry in the past. Therefore, there has long been legislation stipulating that all hazardous media in the plant must be transported by leakless pumps. Otherwise, the extra high environmental costs have to be borne. The pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical plants in China, through the rapid development in recent decades has reached a certain stage, the government and enterprises gradually began to reflect on the primary stage of development to pay a heavy price.

In the past two years, the frequent leakage of liquid chlorine and other chemical media, the toxic gas pollution and even the environmental damage caused by chemical plant explosion have made people realize the importance of safe production. How to reduce leakage has increasingly become an urgent issue for enterprises to consider, even for government regulation and legislation.There are two kinds of leakless pumps, one is centrifugal pump and the other is magnetic pump. Although fluoroplastic centrifugal pump has the advantages of early history and low price, it is easier to maintain than fluoroplastic centrifugal pump. Security, and performance stability.

In fact fluoroplastic anticorrosion-resistant magnetic pump is widely used especially for highly toxic flammable and explosive high-power high-temperature high-pressure and strong corrosion and other harsh fluid transportation process. Can face the market mixed manufacturers, as well as magnetic pump types, so that users often do not know what to do. . Corrosion resistant materials, such as fluoroplastic magnetic pumps, are required for convection components. For the pump with solid particle medium, wear-resistant material is required for the convection parts, so that the type and performance of the selected pump meet the requirements of the technical parameters such as device flow rate, lift, pressure, temperature, cavitation margin, suction distance and so on. Mechanical requirements are high reliability, low noise and low vibration. .

Anhui Tenglong pump Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been paying attention to the cultivation of talents and scientific development concept since the establishment of the factory for more than 20 years. It has successfully solved the problem of production safety for many customers. Magnetic transmission materials are strong magnetic NdFeB as permanent magnets, in addition to the product itself without leakage, but also with a series of advantages, such as less material, small volume, low cost and so on.

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